First New York official - Wildcat Piercing Point

What does it mean?
We use only the highest quality products of Wildcat Collection company.

About Wildcat:
The Wildcat Collection is a leading worldwide supplier and manufacturer of body piercing jewellery.
Story began in 1986, at a time when there wasn't really anyone working on the development and marketing of piercing jewellery.
John Donoghue founded Wildcat in 1989 in Brighton, England. Inspired by the appeal and fascination of life and the attractive
characteristics of the wild cats, he decided on the name Wildcat® and began with the development and trade of body jewellery.

Now the Wildcat® International brand is a widely recognised name in the field of tattooing, piercing and body jewellery.
One thing that's never changed, and never will, is our pursuit of excellence.
Wildcat has always been about quality and innovation.

Marek Pawlik