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Clean Slate Laser Removal in Inkology Tattoo Art Gallery! 
Today, more of us have tattoos than ever before, but from time to time, we are going to change our minds...
Tattoo regret, getting rid of a ex’s name or bad memory, being unhappy with the quality of a tattoo or just wanting to make room for new tattoos ...

ALL good reasons to consider tattoo removal. New advancements in laser technology now make it possible to completely remove most tattoos, regardless of size or color. Mary Garnett owns and operates Clean Slate Laser Tattoo Removal with 5 locations in NY &  NJ. Clean Slate performs thousands of removals  every year and has thousands of happy clients, including several celebrities, models and  professional athletes.

Mary is well known internationally as The Best in the Business when it comes to tattoo removal.
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Our Lasers - Full Spectrum Tattoo Removal  Successfully removing your tattoo will require 3 things:
1) The BEST lasers for your specific needs (ink color and skin color)
2) A laser expert with the knowledge and  experience to know which laser to use and how  to use it properly
3) Patience and proper aftercare from you

Clean Slate Laser uses a combination of the highest quality lasers and our own proprietary protocols to remove all color inks. Don’t risk your skin to an inexperienced laser tech using  a cheap or outdated laser.

PicoSure™ LaserIn the late 1980’s, Q-switch lasers started being used for tattoo removal and remained the most effective technology available until recently. In 2013, after more than a decade of development, Cynosure released a brand new technology called PicoSure™, which has completely revolutionized the tattoo removal process.

Quanta Q-Switch Lasers
Although many of our clients obtain the best results possible from our PicoSure laser, there are still individual situations where Q-Switch lasers remain the best choice. When these situations occur, Clean Slate laser uses high end Quanta technology to obtain the best results. These lasers are
industry’s top Q-Switch machines made specifically for tattoo removal.

Nd:YAG – 1064nm wavelength laser

Nd:YAG – 532nm wavelength laser

Ruby – 694nm wavelength laser

PicoSure – 755ps wavelength laser

Access to all 4-laser wavelengths makes it possible for Clean Slate Laser to remove almost any color ink.  This is referred to as “Full Spectrum Tattoo Removal.”

Traditional Q-switch lasers emit energy in nanoseconds (millionsof a second). PicoSure emits energy in picoseconds (trillionths of a second) – a thousand times faster than nanoseconds.